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Canadian Swing Championships Logo

The Canadian Swing Championships is an annual weekend, held in May, of mayhem for all types of Swing dance! Lots more than a competition… If you have not been to CSC yet, don’t ask someone to explain it to you… you just have to live it! This year the dates are May 17-20, 2024!

The Canadian Swing Championships is providing 2025 event passes for the winners of the Mix & Match Mashup competition.

Tony and Aurelie established Hop to the Beat Dance Studio in 1995, and offered the first Lindy Hop classes in the Boston area. The original goal was to spread the joy of Lindy Hop, and that has not changed! What started as small Lindy Hop practices in the early days eventually grew into the popular monthly Uptown Swing dance in Brookline. A wide variety of weekend workshop events have been hosted, including an annual workshop weekend, running since 2008. The first Beantown Camp was held in 1997. Much has happened, evolved and been added over the years. We’ll see what’s in store from here!

The Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues and Jazz Dance Camp and New Year’s Party, returning December 26th 2024–January 1st 2025 in Asheville, NC USA. Lindy Focus is an all-encompassing celebration of Swing, featuring many of the world’s best dance instructors and the best live music on the planet. Five nights of authentic big band music unparalleled in modern history, with classes and social dancing that can’t be beat.

Lindy Focus is providing an upgradeable dance pass for the winner of the Solo Jazz competition.