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Tony and Aurelie established Hop to the Beat Dance Studio in 1995, and offered the first Lindy Hop classes in the Boston area. The original goal was to spread the joy of Lindy Hop, and that has not changed! What started as small Lindy Hop practices in the early days eventually grew into the popular monthly Uptown Swing dance in Brookline. A wide variety of weekend workshop events have been hosted, including the annual Skye & Naomi weekend, running since 2008. The first Beantown Camp was held in 1997. Much has happened, evolved and been added over the years. We’ll see what’s in store from here!

Uptown Swing is a monthly Saturday dance hosted by Hop to the Beat in Brookline, only a few blocks from Coolidge Corner. Live bands are featured each month for Lindy Hop, Swing, and Balboa. The atmosphere is fun and friendly and all levels are very welcome!