Camp Registration

See How To Register below for important information.

The First Time Registration tiers are now sold-out, but there are still regular registration discounts available.

Camp Registration

All Prices are per Person

Whole Shebang


Extended Weekend


Optional Add-Ons

for Extended Weekend & Weekend
June 27–July 4, 2019
Check-in opens 3:30pm
7 days
June 28–July 4, 2019
Check-in opens 12:30pm
6 days
June 28–July 1, 2019
Check-in opens 12:30pm
3 2/3 days
June 28–June 30, 2019
Check-in opens 12:30pm
2 2/3 days
Thursday Evening/
Friday Morning
June 27/28, 2019
Check-in opens 3:30pm
2/3 day
BBQ & Dance Party
July 3, 2019
Check-in 6:45–7:15pm
Open to Campers Only
First Tier $411$59/day Register $363$61/day Register $244$67/day Register $185$69/day Register $52 $47
Second Tier $421$60/day Register $372$62/day Register $251$68/day Register $190$71/day Register $52 $47
Third Tier $431$62/day Register $381$64/day Register $258$70/day Register $195$73/day Register $52 $47
Fourth Tier $441$63/day Register $390$65/day Register $265$72/day Register $200$75/day Register $52 $47
Early Bird Tier Paid by April 30, 2019 $452$65/day Register $401$67/day Register $273$74/day Register $206$77/day Register $54 $48
Discount Tier Paid by May 31, 2019 $488$70/day Register $431$72/day Register $293$80/day Register $221$83/day Register $58 $49
Regular Price Tier Paid after May 31, 2019 $524$75/day Register $462$77/day Register $314$86/day Register $237$89/day Register $62 $51
International Discount Must be residing outside the continental U.S. −$97 −$85 −$57 −$43 −$12

How To Register

Endicott Housing & Meals Reservation and Competition Registration are separate.

  • There are four main options for registering for Beantown Camp: the Whole Shebang, the Week, the Extended Weekend and the Weekend. Information is presented by number of days in each option.
  • The Weekend and Extended Weekend selections have two optional add-ons:
    Thursday Evening/Friday Morning
    Additional classes and activities Thursday evening and Friday morning (see Schedule). Don't forget to select the same add-on for your Endicott reservation!
    Wednesday BBQ & Dance Party
    This is a camp add-on only for those attending the Weekend or Extended Weekend to return for the Wednesday BBQ dinner, lawn games by the sea, dance with The Gordon Webster Band, ice cream party and late night dance. Check-in is 6:45-7:15pm at Misselwood Tent.
  • Pricing covers all classes, dances and other camp activities for each registration option. Register early to get the lowest prices!
  • The International Discount applies to everyone currently living outside the continental U.S. Bring your international driver's license with your home address to check-in.
  • Review the Policies page for information on the Code of Conduct while at Beantown Camp. An Endicott College requirement is that all individuals on campus during camp must be registered and at least 18 years old. Each person will be required to complete a Waiver at check-in.
  • Registration uses a Shopping Cart:
    • Click the Register link in the price table above for your option selection, complete and submit the form. Please submit a separate registration for each individual.
    • Once all your selections are in the cart, together with anything else from the Shop, go to Checkout.
    • All selections do not need to be made at the same time. Competition and housing/meal reservations may be added in a separate submission.
  • For the Whole Shebang and Week selections, either full payment, a $275 deposit, or enrollment in the monthly installment plan is required to be registered. For the Weekend and Extended Weekend selections, either full payment or enrollment in the monthly installment plan is required to be registered.
    • If you select to pay by check or money order, your payment must be received within 10 days of your registration submission in order to be eligible for the first four payment tiers, and within 10 days of the deadline date of the Early Bird and Discount tiers. Otherwise the registration will convert to the price tier in effect when payment is received.
    • Enrolling in the installment plan will schedule equal monthly credit card payments with the first one occurring when the registration is submitted, and subsequent ones occurring on the same day of the month, with the last one on or before June 26, 2019.
    • If paying a deposit, full payment must be paid by May 31, 2019 for any of the discounts to apply. All registrations not paid in full by May 31, 2019 will convert to the regular price. The balance can be paid using the Balance Payment page or by sending a check, money order or using your bank's online payment.
    • Make checks, money orders or your bank's online payment to Beantown Camp and send to the address at Contact. The last day for receiving mail is June 24, 2019. Please only send a check if it will arrive in time. For your bank's online payment, use your email address (or your phone number if you do not have email) as the account number. If using Bank of America/Zelle, Popmoney or TransferWise peer-to-peer transfers, use as the account to pay.
    • There is a non-refundable 3% handling fee added to PayPal/credit card payments.
  • If after registering you would like to add any of the optional add-ons, Contact us to make adjustments.
  • Submitting a registration does not hold a place until payment is received (either full payment, a deposit, or enrollment in the installment plan).
  • Refund Information: Camp registration fees are non-refundable, however transfers to another person are accepted. A new registration needs to be submitted to process the transfer.