Naomi Uyama

Naomi discovered Lindy Hop in her hometown of Washington DC over 15 years ago when she was in her teens. She has taught workshops all around the world and performed for dance and music legends alike. She has won champion titles at such prestigious competitions as the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, the American Lindy Hop Championships, and the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships. When she’s not traveling in the name of triple steps, decorating cakes, or loving libraries, Naomi lives in Minneapolis with her husband Peter Strom, where they also have a very active local dance studio. Naomi also has a beautiful singing voice and has performed with some of the top national Swing bands including the Gordon Webster Band, the Boilermaker Jazz Band and Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five. Now with her own band, Naomi & Her Handsome Devils, she appears at major Swing events around the world. Naomi is also a regular instructor at Beantown Camp.