Jonathan Caron

Jonathan started his dance journey almost 15 years ago at Montréal’s Cat’s Corner. At first to keep him busy once a week, and hopefully help him develop a social circle in a new city, he was quickly bit by the Lindy Hop bug. Within a few months, what had started as a once a week hobby became an obsession. That obsession led him to teach locally, nationally and in the US, coach multiple troupes, compete all over North America, and share his love of Jazz music and vernacular Jazz dance. You might also have heard him DJ in events such as the Canadian Swing Championships, The Boston Tea Party or Beantown Camp, where he will be leading the DJ Summit for the third time this summer.

Nowadays, Jonathan is mostly busy being a dad and a pharmacist, but his passion hasn’t faded one bit, and he hopes his joy of dancing will prove contagious because this disease needs no antibiotic! (Sorry, lame pharmacist joke!)