Bobby White

Always striving to capture the classic spirit of the original Jitterbugs with a modern voice, Bobby teaches Balboa, Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, and Collegiate Shag nationally and internationally.

He has championship titles in almost every major Balboa and many major Lindy Hop competitions, including the American Classic Balboa Championships, the International Lindy Hop Championships, the Euro Balboa Cup, the American Lindy Hop Championships, and the Eastern Balboa Championships. His judging is highly respected and sought-after for events such as the International Lindy Hop Championships and the European Swing Dance Championships.

Bobby is recognized for his engaging teaching with unique analogies and irk-irk noises. Along with more traditional classes based around moves, variations, and lead/follow technique, Bobby also enjoys teaching many “alternative education” classes on subjects like partnership, practicing, dancing personality, and developing a unique voice.

Bobby is becoming famous for his entertaining talks. His blog, Swungover, is well-loved in the swing community.