What to Bring

  1. If you are rooming and/or having meals on campus, bring a check for $35 to check-in made out to Endicott College for your room key/meal card deposit. Your check will be ripped up or returned to you at check-out when you turn in your meal card and key. Cash can be left if necessary, however, if you will not be checking out during the designated time, there is a $2 shipping fee to return cash deposits by mail.
  2. Bring ID and proof of up to date vaccines/boosters to check-in! If taking the International Registration Discount please bring your driver’s license showing your home address.
  3. Face masks, specifically N95, KN95, KF94, or surgical masks. The safety level is vastly different with these highly protective masks vs other types. Cloth and vented masks are not acceptable. If you want something fancy, they can be worn over the protective one.
  4. Covid-19 at home tests to have available if needed. The BinaxNow Covid-19 Antigen Self Test is a recommended choice. Test kits are available at many drugstores. If in the U.S., every household is now eligible to receive a 3rd round of free at-home tests from the government (www.covid.gov/tests).
  5. Shoes for dancing. A selection of comfortable dance shoes is recommended. One of the class spaces, the Aerobics Room, requires either suede (or chrome leather) soled shoes or clean sneakers to be worn (no leather or hard soled shoes).
  6. Beantown’s Got Talent will be back! This variety show on Tuesday night is one of the not-to-be-missed highlights of the week—full of suspense, drama, comedy, and entertainment. If you have a special talent to share, start planning your act! Don’t forget to pack that rainbow wig, juggling balls, batons, kazoo or whatever you’ll need to prove your ultimate stardom at Beantown 2022!
  7. Dance items to sell in the Camp Shop (15% commission).
  8. Yoga mat or towel for the afternoon stretch classes.
  9. A musical instrument if you would like to participate in music jams planned and unplanned throughout the week.
  10. Linens are provided which are basic and consist of a bath towel, pillow, blanket and set of sheets. There is no housekeeping service or linen exchange. You may want to bring extra towels (preferably bright colored ones so as not to get them mixed up with the linen provided), and if you have a favorite pillow, bring that too! You do need to bring your own toiletries (face cloth, soap, shampoo, cups, etc.).
  11. There are 3 private beaches on campus and you may want bring your bathing suit and beach accessories!
  12. Sports equipment you might like for extra activities on campus: volleyball, tennis, the fitness center, running or biking.
  13. You may want some cash to make purchases in the Camp Shop, snacks at the Beantown Café, incidentals, and private lessons.
  14. Cool, comfortable clothes for classes. All dance spaces are air-conditioned. Most people like to get a bit dressed up for the evening dances, especially on band nights. Overall, it’s camp and it’s casual.
  15. Other items you may want to bring:
    • dance bag to carry your stuff
    • snacks, as there are limited food options on campus outside of meals
    • laundry detergent, pods are recommended
    • plenty of T-shirts and socks
    • flip flops for showers
    • alarm clock
    • hand fan
    • umbrella in case of rain
    • hangers
    • travel iron
    • hairdryer
    • mattress cover for extra comfort
    • window fan for non-AC housing in Winthrop