Paul Loschak

Paul Loschak (known as “DJ Dr Loveschak” at some of the weekly Boston dances) has been dancing lindy and blues since 2009. He made his DJ debut at the MIT Lindy Hop Society in 2011, and he has been working hard to hone his craft ever since. Paul calls on the talents of the best artists from the swing era and our favorite swing jazz bands that are currently active today (with current favorites Chick Webb, Andy Kirk, and Lester Young). Whether it’s your first night swinging out or you’re a seasoned lindy hopping pro, with Paul in the DJ booth you can expect to find exuberance, playfulness, and expression in your dancing.

Shelby Johnson is a self proclaimed music snob who fell in love with Jazz at an early age, listening to the sounds of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Count Basie. He really fell in love with swing music in the 6th grade thanks to a music appreciation class and started playing Jazz in the 8th grade after three years in band as a drummer and percussionist at Blendon Middle School in Westerville, Ohio. At Westerville North High School, Shelby started playing the Vibraphone and would transpose his parts for most pieces as many pieces didn’t provide written music for his instrument. This developed Shelby’s ear for music that was a huge catalyst for him catching the swing dance bug in 2011 in Orlando, Florida and boy what kind of journey that has started. Two years later Shelby became one of the premier DJ’s in the Southeast being featured at exchanges in Florida and South Carolina. In 2013 Shelby moved to Dallas, TX where he continues to deliver awesome syncopated tunes for Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa and Collegiate Shag. Shelby’s passion for social dancing, teaching and competing landed him the 2016 Frankie Manning Ambassador Scholarship to Herrang Dance Camp where he expanded his knowledge on Jazz Dance and Music History.

Jerry Foote

Jerry dances and deejays professionally in Houston, TX. He started dancing at a young age and with Dance Force Productions as a professional dancer in 2002. Soon after, he started DJing professionally. He started swing dancing in 2007, and in 2008, started DJing for Houston Swing Dance Society. You can find him on the ones and twos at the local dances in Houston. Jerry DJed the soul room several years at Lindy Fest and the main room the last several years at Lindy Fest Lone Star Championships. He spends hours searching and listening to music to find the best songs that will rock the dance floor. He DJed many themed events including Swing, soul, ’50s, blues, and many more. He helped train up-and-coming DJs for HSDS and believes a good DJ is also a dancer. When he is not in the booth, he is on the dance floor.

Sarah Spoon


Sarah Spoon hails from London originally, and now spends their time traveling in pursuit of that joy that comes from Lindy Hop. Brought up with eclectic tastes, their passion for music is clear; bringing energy and fun to every dance floor they play for. Spoon started DJing at university, and rhythm and melody has been an obsession ever since - and is someone who will bring the party!


Jodi Daynard

Jodi was pretty much born listening to swing music, since her father was a multi-instrumentalist Jazz musician who jammed on a star-spangled band stand in their playroom! She began DJing in 2018 at the Balboa Experiment, after twenty years of swing dancing. Since then, she has DJ’d at M.I.T., the Balboa Speakeasy, Hop to the Beat, and JP Swings—as well as for many online events and fundraisers, including Paul Riding’s Global Online Social. Recently, she was a Spotlight DJ for a clarinet set with the online Swing DJ Relay. Her taste leans towards an “in the pocket” old-school groove, with a passion for Basie’s sidemen, Benny Goodman’s small groups, Anita O’Day, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, and Oscar Peterson. But as a Balboa dancer, she knows how to up the tempo, too! Mainly, she just loves watching people have a great time dancing to her tunes.

Peter will be hosting the Soul Party on Monday late night in the Lodge. The Soul Party is always a camp highlight and you don’t want to miss it!