23rd Year • Endicott College • Beverly • Massachusetts • USA


Thursday Evening & Friday Classes

Classes will be starting on Thursday evening after dinner, including the Beginner Lindy Hop Crash Course. The Thursday evening and Friday morning schedules will include Lindy Hop classes for all levels as well as some other options to choose from. You will not need to select these classes in advance. These classes are included with the Whole Shebang and also with the optional add-on for the Weekend and Extended Weekend.

Optional class selections continue on Friday afternoon. These classes are open to all registration options. Check the detailed Schedule for more information.

Lindy Hop Beginner Crash Course

The Lindy Hop Beginner Crash Course has been added for anyone attending camp who does not have previous Lindy Hop experience or has a little experience. The focus will be on basic technique including frame and connection, the fundamentals of Lindy Hop such as Swing Out, Lindy Circle, Side-by-Side Charleston along with other variations, as well as mixing 6 and 8 count basics. This class is ideal for new dancers, those who have learned 6 count Swing, and those who have previously taken a few Lindy Hop classes. The goal will be to acquire good fundamental skills and to prepare you to take the Orange Track.

There will be 6 classes starting on Thursday evening and running through Friday. It is not necessary to register for these specific classes in advance. Anyone attending camp during Thursday and Friday are welcome to attend. The Beginner Lindy Hop Crash Course is included with the Whole Shebang and is also available with the optional Thursday Add-On for the Weekend and Extended Weekend. Do not miss the Beginner Crash Course if you need the preparation for the Lindy Hop track classes!

Lindy Hop Track Classes

Beantown has always been a “tracked” camp and over the years the process has evolved and changed with the goal of finding the most ideal method for determining track placement. The idea of tracks is to put together dancers with similar experience, skills and focus on how to grow and improve. Lindy Hop Track classes will start on Saturday morning and make up approximately half of all the classes offered between then through to the last day of classes on Wednesday. There will be 6 different Lindy Hop tracks covering a wide range of experience.

When registering, everyone will be asked to select either the Orange Track (Advanced Beginner), the Red Track (Intermediate) or the Track Placement for the four additional tracks. In addition, a questionnaire is included with registration to provide some guidance as to approximate level for each individual. Track Placement on Friday afternoon will be used to determine the group assignments for the four higher level tracks. There will always be some range within each group. Every year can be a little different on the levels of the tracks as they are based on who attends.

Once at camp, anyone wishing to switch to a lower track can simply ask to be moved. Anyone with other concerns about their track can speak to the instructors at the Lindy Hop Track Questions session on Saturday afternoon. Please note that it is the camp instructors who ultimately determine final Lindy Hop Track assignment!

You can only take the Lindy Hop Track classes for your designated level, however there is a wide range of other class choices for you to decide among during the non-track periods.

Orange Track, Advanced Beginner

This track is for those who already have a solid base of fundamentals including Swing Out, Lindy Circle and Side-by-Side Charleston and are comfortable executing them while social dancing. The focus will be on refining basics, adding styling and footwork variations, expanding your Lindy Hop repertoire and bringing musicality into your dancing. The goal will be to take all of the different elements and start to put them together with flow and connection.

If you are a Beginner with no prior Lindy Hop experience or a little bit of experience, there is a Beginner Lindy Hop Crash Course offered on Thursday and Friday which will be needed in preparation to be in the Orange Track. (Available as an optional add-on for the Weekend and Extended Weekend and included with the Whole Shebang.)
Red Track, Intermediate
In this track you have already taken a lot of classes and workshops and social dance frequently. The focus will be on improving all of the elements that you are already familiar with while expanding your repertoire with more challenging combinations. The goal will be to take your dancing to a new level with a concentration on smooth transitions, good lead-follow skills, learning to dance at both slow and fast tempos and expanding your musicality.
Blue Track
Green Track
Yellow Track
Pink Track
Placement in these four tracks will be made using a track placement process. Every year there is a different set of campers, and it is those who attend which ultimately characterizes the groupings for each track. The track placement session will be used to determine which individuals fit best together into the various groups. It will be important to attend at the designated time in order to be given a track assignment. The track placement session should not be stressed over and will involve dancing with other campers in groups. Anyone with questions after track assignments should attend the Track Questions session on Saturday afternoon.

Mini-Track Classes

Mini-Tracks will meet starting Friday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon. To help determine class room assignments, everyone will be asked to make their selections on the registration form, which also provides information on which Mini-Tracks run at the same time.

Regardless of your Mini-Track selection, you will be free to take any optional classes you would like within your experience level. Some of the Mini-Tracks are designed in a progressive format and each class will be aimed at those who are attending the entire series. For all other optional classes, check the class description for experience requirements, if any.

St. Louis Shag Routine with Jenny & Christian (All Levels) (Mini-Track 2)
Learn an original St. Louis Shag and Swing routine with Jenny Shirar and Christian Frommelt! This routine will include lots of classic St. Louis Shag steps and patterns as well as some playful and musical inventions of their own, inspired by the music. Learning choreography is a great way to practice new ways of moving! You can expect high-energy, uptempo movement. The first class for this routine will be on Saturday.
Jon’s Jazz Routine (Int–Adv) (Mini-Track 1)

What’s this? Jon’s Solo routine? What’s it like? I’m glad you asked. Let me tell you. It will have rhythm, music, and style. It will use arms, feet, knees, shoulders, and more. It will lift hearts and open minds. We will begin as a classroom of dancers who are confused, mixed-up, don’t know whether to kick-ball-change on eight or one. But through determination, sweat, and sheer force of will we shall emerge, seasoned rhythmic adventurers, poised on the edge of the beat, awaiting the next syncopation with bated breath. Your syncopated synchronicity will send spirits soaring and spread splendor to the souls of swing starters as well as seasoned students all the same. It’s a Solo Jazz Routine like in past years. Do it. Classes are non-partner and will be aimed at intermediate to advanced dancers. The first class for this routine will be on Sunday.

Eric’s Hip Hop Combo (Int–Adv) (Mini-Track 2)
If you have taken classes with Eric Fenn in the past, you’ve experienced what an amazing instructor he is! Eric’s style really is more Urban Contemporary than what may come to mind as Hip Hop. This will be an opportunity to stretch yourself and work more intensely on your individual dance skills. Classes are non-partner and will be aimed at intermediate to advanced dancers. The first class for this routine will be on Saturday.
Teacher Training with Evita & Michael, Kate & Bobby (Mini-Track 1)
Learn how to be a better teacher, become more clear and structured in your presentation, find out how to prioritize and focus and develop your community into a better social dancing family. Requirements for attending: You should have a need and an interest in teaching swing dance to your community. It’s necessary to have at least an Intermediate level of dance experience in order to teach Beginners. No partner needed. Please bring a notebook and pen. The first class will be on Saturday.
The Art Of The Jazz Jam For Singers with Taryn (All Levels) (Mini-Track 3)
So you want to sing with the band? This is for you! Taryn Newborne will cover topics such as how to choose a song, keys, styles, phrasing, how to count off a tune, intros/endings, what to do during instrumental solos, how to communicate with the rhythm section verbally and non-verbally, stage presence, and much more. The first class will be on Sunday.
DJ Summit with Jonathan (Mini-Track 3)
This track is for everyone who loves Jazz music. Whether you’ve never DJ’ed and want to start a music collection, you DJ locally once in a while and want to share that band you’re really into, or you’re a dedicated DJ who wants to talk about who’s best between Lester Young and Ben Webster, this is the place to be. If you want to talk about music, share with other people as passionate as yourself, or if you just want to listen to people talk about DJ’ing and Jazz music, come hang out with us! Jonathan Caron will be there to direct the conversation and share his passion of music! The first meeting will be on Sunday.
Focused Topics/Variety Pack (Mini-Track 1, 2 & 3)
Optional classes will also be offered during the Mini-Track time slots for those preferring to take a variety. Topical groups include:
  • Slow Dancing/Blues
  • Competition/Show (Int–Adv)
  • Movement
  • Flashy Moves (Int/Adv–Adv)
  • Music Analysis For Dancers
  • Balboa
  • Partner Charleston
  • Solo Jazz
  • Frankie Doo
  • Footwork/Rhythm Variations
  • Playing Swing Music
  • St. Louis Shag
  • Specialty Topics
Individual class selections do not need to be made in advance and the classes are open to all at the appropriate experience level, including those doing an alternate Mini-Track. See the Schedule for the specific class choices available each day. Additional choices will be offered during the Thursday evening, Friday morning and Friday afternoon time slots.

Special Classes

In addition to the above, there are other Special Classes happening throughout the week. Check the Schedule for times. These are open to everyone and you are welcome to just show up! Check back for new selections to be added.

Afternoon Stretch

Dancing all day and night? Stretch class can help you ease, eliminate and prevent sore aching muscles and enjoy some needed body R&R. Please bring your own Yoga mat as only a limited number will be available.

Practice Time

An open practice is scheduled most days just before dinner. This will be a good time to meet up with classmates to go over what you have learned in class.

Afternoon Chi

Loosen up and connect with Tai Chi movement. Richard Badu will be teaching Tai Chi aimed specifically for Lindy Hop dancers.

Dance Spaces

All dance spaces have wooden floors and a change of shoes is requested. It would be best to have some shoe choices if possible. Bring cool, comfortable clothes for classes. All dance spaces are air-conditioned.

One of the class spaces, the Aerobics Room, requires either suede (or chrome leather) soled shoes or clean sneakers to be worn. No leather or hard soled shoes.