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Beantown Camp

Beantown CampBeantown Camp registration has been open for almost two weeks! Of course we sweated it out on opening night when everything went to overload. Once it all got rolling, it was excellent to see registrations pouring in.

Early Bird discount prices are currently available. Plus there are still some First Time discounts for those attending the week or whole shebang for their very first Beantown. Great bargains are still to be had!

Some of the housing options have filled, although there is plenty of available housing on campus. Be sure to check out some of the new options for 2016.

More exciting announcements are on the way!

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Beantown Camp 2015 Class Review DVD

The Beantown Camp 2015 class review video includes most of the classes during the whole camp. It is available as a DVD and/or online download.

Class Reviews

  • Andy Reid & Nina Gilkenson
  • Andy Reid & Daryl Begin
  • Anthony Chen
  • Bobby White & Kate Hedin
  • Daryl Begin & Jennifer Stout
  • Emelie & Rebecka DecaVita
  • Gaby Cook
  • Javier Johnson & Gaby Cook
  • Javier Johnson & Sylvia Sykes
  • Jenny Thomas & Evita Arce
  • Jon Tigert
  • Jon Tigert & Jenna Applegarth
  • Josh Mclean
  • Michael Jagger & Evita Arce
  • Michael Jagger & Jenny Thomas
  • Michael Seguin & Gaby Cook
  • Michael Seguin & Nina Gilkenson
  • Mike Roberts & Laura Glaess
  • Nathan Bugh
  • Nathan Bugh & Evita Arce
  • Nathan Bugh & Gaby Cook
  • Richard Badu
  • Skye Humphries
  • Skye Humphries & Sylvia Sykes
  • Sylvia Sykes
  • Zack Richard & Lunou Samson Poirot

Total Running Time: 2:22

The DVD is NTSC 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen.

The online download is available in two file sizes. They have named chapter markers for easy navigation in compatible players such as Apple’s QuickTime Player. The files can be downloaded once within a year of purchase.

The file download is for your personal use only. Please do not send to others or upload to video sharing sites. Instead, direct anyone interested to purchase the video. There is considerable expense involved in facilitating, filming and editing the material to make the clips and that is funded by the sales. Thanks for your support.

Beantown Camp

Beantown Camp Opening Soon!

Who knew back in 1997 when we held our first Beantown Camp that here we’d be in 2016 just about ready to open Beantown #20! So much has happened over the years and we are excited and grateful for how Beantown has evolved to become the amazing event that it is today.

This year Beantown runs from June 23-30 and will be back at Endicott College in Beverly, MA, a beautiful oceanfront location just north of Boston.

Here are just some of the reasons why you want to attend Beantown Camp 2016:

  • Immersing yourself in a week of classes with an amazing collection of the world’s best Lindy Hop instructors!
  • Dancing to some of the hottest Swing bands: Taryn Newborne and The Real Deal, Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five (two nights) and Gordon Webster (two nights)!
  • Being entertained, awed and inspired watching the instructors perform in Beantown Bounce!
  • Dancing with awesome Lindy Hoppers from all over the U.S. and beyond!
  • Spending time with Norma Miller, living legend and original Lindy Hopper!
  • Saturday Camp Social in a gorgeous shoreline setting!
  • Fun competitions!
  • Good times at Beantown Karaoke!
  • Camp BBQ with lawn games in the beautiful Misselwood Tent!
  • Bonding with classmates while trying to master that new move!
  • Entertainment galore at Beantown’s Got Talent!
  • Finding your Soul at a late night dance party!
  • Three fabulous meals per day with many options to choose from!
  • Rolling out of your bed and down to the beach for some relaxation time!
  • Hanging at the pub with your new and old friends!
  • Finishing your week filled with joy, exhilaration and lots of Lindy Love!

Important Beantown News

The past year presented some major challenges with Endicott College and Beantown, with the biggest issue concerning having minors on campus. The college has been undergoing some changes and starting with this year we will not be able to have anyone under 18 on campus. We were provided an exception for a handful of specific minors coming with key staff.

The changes taking place at Endicott are similar to many colleges these days. Some are eliminating all their summer programs to avoid the extra risks. Much of it has to do with all the scandals we hear about in the news. We were very worried about our being able to return this summer and, after meeting with the college president, were incredibly relieved we would be welcome back, although with some new parameters.

We are sad about having to restrict those who may come to Beantown, however, we are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to continue to hold our camp at this wonderful venue. So much of what Beantown has become is due to the spectacular setting, facilities and staff at Endicott. We can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Beantown Camp

Beantown Registration Announcement!

Registration is going live on Saturday, January 30 at 5:00pm EST!

Here’s what to look out for: 

  • First Timer Discounts
  • Special Tiered Early Bird Discounts
  • International Discounts
  • New On-Campus Housing Options

Much of the current info on the website is from 2015. Although this year’s camp will have many similar features, there are always some changes. More details will be available soon as the website is updated this week.

If you’ve never done the whole shebang, THIS is the year!

View the website for more information!

Join the Beantown Camp 2016 Facebook event.

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