Joshua Mclean

Joshua was introduced to Ballet and Hip Hop as a young child and then discovered Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz dance whilst at high school in 2010. He was immediately captivated. He is an energizing element in the Lindy Hop dance scene and is recognized for his work with rhythm and improvisation on the dance floor.

Joshua is also a Lindy Hop Ambassador for the Frankie Manning Foundation, an organization dedicated to honoring the African American roots of Vernacular Jazz Dance and spreading those dances around the world. In the past seven years, his travels have brought him to Canada, Chile, Spain, Sweden, France and all across the US to teach, perform, and share Lindy Hop, Charleston and Vernacular Jazz Dance.

Competition titles have been won from the International Lindy Hop Championships, as well as other Lindy Hop dance festivals. In addition, Joshua has performed with Wild Rhythm Dance Company, HellaBlackLindyHop and Rhythm Ambassadors.

Joshua was one of the first group of FMF Ambassadors to attend Beantown. He has returned every year since through the Beantown Ambassador Program and has contributed to the growth of the program. This is his first year on board as an instructor!