21st Year • Endicott College • Beverly • Massachusetts • USA

The information on this page is for Beantown Camp 2016. Get on the mailing list to get notified when further information for Beantown Camp 2017 is available.

Provisional Schedule Information (subject to change)

Class names and descriptions are being added as they become available. Your track class schedule will be available at camp. Please note, there may need to be changes before the start of camp, but every effort will be made to keep this schedule up to date. Get on the mailing list for updates on Beantown Camp 2016.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

8:45–​9:45am Breakfast Dining Hall
Mini-Track 1
10:00–​11:00am Partner Charleston (Beg–Int) CHILL-ESTON Zack & Lunou Learn to curb your energy with new fun Charleston variations! Swingout Variations (Beg–Int) Swingout Variations Michael & Evita Blues/Slow Dancing (Int/Adv–Adv) Jazzy Drag Blues Dan & Jenny This elegant, embrace-focused, modern style tends to use a lot of melody, shapes, traveling and some wooshin' fun. So let's do that! Jazz Routine Mini-Track (Int–Adv) Jazz Part 4 Jenny Chorusline Ladies Mini-Track Chorusline Ladies Part 3 Gaby
Lindy Hop Tracks
11:15am–​12:15pm Example Track Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks
12:20–​1:20pm Lunch Dining Hall
Mini-Track 2
1:30–​2:30pm Blues/Slow Dancing (Beg–Int) Take Your Time Javier & Jenna What do you do when the music gets nice and slow? Is it different than your regular dancing? We will work on how to understand the similarities and differences, and maximize your ability to move and groove. Momentum & Flow (Int/Adv–Adv) Spinning with Ease Daryl & Jennifer Work on making spins flow more smoothly in the dance. Balboa Plus (Int/Adv–Adv) Hard But Fun Bobby & Kate Bal-Swing specifically geared to challenge and inspire. Hip Hop Combo Hip Hop Practice Eric Tap Routine Mini-Track Tap Part 4 Nathan
Lindy Hop Tracks
2:45–​3:45pm Other Tracks Example Track Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks
4:00–​4:30pm Track Routine Practice Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks
5:30pm Class PerformancesRose Performance Hall
7:00–​8:00pm Dinner Dining Hall
8:00–​9:00pm Early Housing Check-Out (Week/Whole Shebang) Wednesday evening activities are included with the Week/Whole Shebang Callahan
8:30–​9:30pm Camp Shop Callahan
9:00–​10:00pm Dance Check-In (Wednesday Add-On) Callahan
9:00pm–​Late Evening Dance Callahan
9:30pm–​1:00am Gordon Webster & Friends
11:30pm Band Break Ice Cream Party
1:00am–​Late Late Night Dance Callahan