21st Year • Endicott College • Beverly • Massachusetts • USA

The information on this page is for Beantown Camp 2016. Get on the mailing list to get notified when further information for Beantown Camp 2017 is available.

Provisional Schedule Information (subject to change)

Class names and descriptions are being added as they become available. Your track class schedule will be available at camp. Please note, there may need to be changes before the start of camp, but every effort will be made to keep this schedule up to date. Get on the mailing list for updates on Beantown Camp 2016.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

8:45–​9:45am Breakfast Dining Hall
Lindy Hop Tracks
9:15–​10:15am Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks
10:30–​11:30am Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Example Track
Mini-Track 1
11:45am–​12:45pm Balboa Mini-Track (Beg–Int) Dan & Jenny Solo Jazz (Beg–Int) Solo Jazz Vegetables Jon These are things you have to have to grow up to be a big strong solo dancer. Come learn the moves, tools, and mindsets that every solo Jazz dancer has learned, and never stops practicing. Momentum & Flow (Beg–Int) Connection Instincts Anthony & Gaby In this class, we'll break down and rebuild your connection instincts so you can have harmonious easy social dances that look and feel great. Mind-bending exercises will improve counter-balance, stretch, inertia, flow and turns. These exercises will help erase bad habits and foster new vocabulary. Balboa Plus (Int/Adv–Adv) Catch As Catch Can Javier & Kate Playing with asking for and reacting to different turn speeds and how to manage momentum. Blues/Slow Dancing (Int/Adv–Adv) Slow Dancing is Hard Peter & Naomi Jazz Routine Mini-Track (Int–Adv) Jazz Part 1 Jenny
12:55–​1:55pm Lunch Dining Hall
Lindy Hop Tracks
2:05–​3:05pm Other Tracks Example Track Other Tracks Other Tracks
Mini-Track 2
3:20–​4:20pm Specialty (All Levels) Soul Javier & Sylvia How to partner dance to Soul music, not just next to it. Solo Jazz (Int/Adv–Adv) Solo Jazz Remy Partner Charleston (Int/Adv–Adv) Airplanes & M&Ms Jon & Jenna Want to learn what Airplanes and M&Ms have to do with partner Charleston? You'll have to show up to find out. Specialty (Beg–Int) Twists & Fancy Feet Daryl & Jennifer We'll work on adding the quintessential twists (or swivels) for followers and some fun footwork for leaders into your Lindy Hop. Hip Hop Combo Mini-Track Hip Hop Part 2 Eric Tap Routine Mini-Track Tap Part 2 Nathan
4:30–​6:45pm Shoe Chroming Party Ed Wilson Outside Callahan

Turn a wonderfully comfortable pair of shoes into full time dance shoes in which you can effortlessly slide across the floor. Bring the shoes, fifteen bucks, and a willingness to do it yourself (with plenty of guidance available). Ed will supply the materials. Kits will also be available in the Camp Shop.

If you bring new shoes make certain to wear them first—enough to scuff up the bottom so that none of the rubber has a glazed look. Best choices are shoes that offer lots of arch support and have rubbery soles (the cement doesn’t stick to synthetic soles as well).

4:35–​5:35pm Presentation Frankie Manning—His Life & Legacy Judy Pritchett Rose Judy Pritchett, who was Frankie Manning's girlfriend for 21 years, will show videos and share intimate glimpses into the man who has us all dancing. This presentation will include rare video and is designed to be of interest to people who know nothing about Frankie to those who know and remember a great deal about him.
5:30–​6:30pm Early Housing Check-Out (Weekend) Sunday evening activities are included with the Weekend Callahan
5:45–​6:45pm Camp Shop Callahan Open Practice Tara Chapel Movement (All Levels) Hip Hop Isolations Anthony Make some magic with these isolations that will help with body awareness and add to your dance repertoire! DJ Summit Andrew Selzer LodgeAre you an experienced DJ looking to get other DJs opinions about issues you run into in your local scene or at larger events? Or are you newer/aspiring DJ looking to learn some tricks of the trade? Then the DJ summit is for you!

This is an open discussion where topics in the past have ranged from: DJing band breaks, what makes a song good for swing dancing, getting a scene to dance faster, and what equipment one uses and why. Join us and learn more about DJing from your fellow community members.
6:15–​6:45pm Stretching Lori Aerobics Room A great way to look after your body at the end of the day!
6:45–​7:45pm Dinner Dining Hall
7:45–​8:45pm Housing Check-Out (Weekend) Sunday evening activities are included with the Weekend Callahan
7:45–​8:45pm Pre-Show Dance/Practice Callahan
9:00–​10:00pm Beantown Bounce (Show) Auditorium
~10:15pm–​1:30am After Show Evening Dance Callahan
10:30pm–​1:30am Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five
11:25pm Band Break Competition Awards Callahan
1:30am–​Late Late Night Dance Callahan