21st Year • Endicott College • Beverly • Massachusetts • USA

The information on this page is for Beantown Camp 2016. Get on the mailing list to get notified when further information for Beantown Camp 2017 is available.

Provisional Schedule Information (subject to change)

Class names and descriptions are being added as they become available. Your track class schedule will be available at camp. Please note, there may need to be changes before the start of camp, but every effort will be made to keep this schedule up to date. Get on the mailing list for updates on Beantown Camp 2016.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

8:00–​9:00am Latecomers Auditions & Track Questions Auditorium An opportunity to see the instructors with questions about your Lindy Hop Track placement and for those that missed the auditions. Be sure to bring your name badge and latecomers bring your audition number!
8:45–​9:45am Breakfast Dining Hall
Lindy Hop Tracks
9:30–​10:30am Example Track Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks
10:45–​11:45am Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks
Mini-Track 1
12:00–​1:00pm Footwork/Rhythm Variations (Beg–Int) Smooth & Slippery Footwork Andy & Nina Ideas and techniques to glide your way to good times. Specialty (Int/Adv–Adv) Keepin' It Hip Anthony & Lunou Expanding your vocabulary and body awareness to harness your center for leading and following. Balboa Mini-Track (Beg–Int) Balboa Intro Jon & Jenna Chorusline Ladies Mini-Track Chorusline Ladies Part 1 Gaby Solo Jazz (Int/Adv–Adv) Mr. Beebe! Nathan Learn an extremely challenging solo, from one of the greatest dance scenes ever caught on film. In Carolina Blues, in the middle of a huge number, Harold Nicholas is joined by Mildred Boyd for a brief but stunning duet. Master this choreography, and your dancing will never be the same again. Beebe’s the man who knows! Blues/Slow Dancing (Beg–Int) Slow Jazzy Blues Dan & Jenny The music got slow! Get the tools to make a dance: a turn, some rhythm, a step, and you're set.
1:10–​2:10pm Lunch Dining Hall
1:55–​2:10pm Final Saturday Competition Registration Dining Hall
Mini-Track 2
2:20–​3:20pm Partner Charleston (Beg–Int) Transitions Daryl & JenniferLearn some transitions from one Charleston connection to another. Competition/Show (Int–Adv) Competition vs Show Remy & Jenny How to adapt your performance skills for different kinds of audiences: swing dancers vs non swing dancers, or dance floors vs stages. Specialty (All Levels) St. Louis Shag Fundamentals Jon & Jenna Come learn the basic steps, a few classic moves, and a little history of this classic dance! All levels welcome! This is the perfect class if you're even a little bit "Shag-Curious". Hip Hop Combo Mini-Track Hip Hop Part 1 Eric Tap Routine Mini-Track Tap Part 1 Nathan Solo Jazz (Beg–Int) Solo Jazz Routine Skye Learn a Jazz routine with some classic steps and a few new ones.
Lindy Hop Tracks
3:35–​4:35pm Example Track Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks
4:45–​5:15pm Open Practice Tara Chapel Afternoon Chi Richard Lodge Time to regenerate with Tai Chi movement. Stretching Lori Aerobics Room A great way to look after your body at the end of the day! Track Questions Auditorium An opportunity to see the instructors with questions about your Lindy Hop Track placement. Be sure to bring your name badge! Camp Shop Callahan
5:20–​6:50pm Camp Social Winthrop Back Lawn
7:00–​8:00pm Dinner Dining Hall
Beantown Saturday Dance Party
8:30pm–​1:00am Evening Dance Callahan
8:45pm Strictly Lindy Competition
9:30pm–​1:00am Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five
10:20pm Band Break Beantown's Got Knowledge
11:35pm Band Break Performance
Jack & Jill Competition Finals
1:00am After Band Late Night Cake-Break Beantown Café
1:00am–​Late Late Night Dance Callahan