21st Year • Endicott College • Beverly • Massachusetts • USA

Provisional Schedule Information (subject to change)

Class names and descriptions are being added as they become available. Your track class schedule will be available at camp. Please note, there may need to be changes before the start of camp, but every effort will be made to keep this schedule up to date. Get on the mailing list for updates on Beantown Camp 2017.


Monday, June 26, 2017

8:45–​9:45am Breakfast Dining Hall
9:30–​10:30am Check-Out (Weekend Sunday Night Add-On) Callahan
Lindy Hop Tracks
10:00–​11:00am Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Example Track Other Tracks
Mini-Track 1
11:15am–​12:15pm Specialty (Beg–Int) Dance Outside the Box Jenna & Jon Specialty (Int/Adv–Adv) What Happened to the Style Wars? Daryl & Jennifer Once upon a time, people defined their Lindy Hop style as either Hollywood or Savoy. Some of us newbies had no idea what this meant. We will share how we have come to understand the difference in styles, and how to recreate them. Jazz Routine Mini-Track (Int–Adv) Jazz Part 2 Erin Chorusline Ladies Mini-Track (All Levels) Chorusline Ladies Part 2 Gaby Balboa Mini-Track (Beg–Int) Balboa Part 3 Javier & Sylvia
12:25–​1:25pm Lunch Dining Hall
1:35–​2:35pm Presentation Q&A with Norma Norma Miller & Bobby White Rose Performance Hall
Lindy Hop Tracks
2:50–​3:50pm Other Tracks Example Track Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks Other Tracks
Mini-Track 2
4:05–​5:05pm Specialty (All Levels) Soul Line Dances Peter Peter will take you through three or four different line dances to great R&B music so you can bust 'em out on the floor at the Soul Party! Footwork/Rhythm Variations (Beg–Int) Sumthin' Bout Rhythm Javier & Jenna Learn to play with rhythm to add texture and variety to your swing. Competition/Show (Int–Adv) Putting Performance into Your Dancing Erin & Michael Putting steps together in a sequence is only the skeleton of a routine, but Erin and Michael will take you through the process of fully fleshing out your ideas to give life to your movement ideas. This class is ideal for those who like and want to perform, but concepts are applicable for social dancing, as well. Hip Hop Combo Mini-Track (Int–Adv) Hip Hop Part 3 Anthony & Eric Struttin' Blues Routine Mini-Track (All Levels) Blues Part 3 Dan & Jenny
5:20–​6:20pm Camp Shop Callahan Open Practice Kevin Chapel 5:50–​6:20pm Stretching Lori Aerobics Room A great way to look after your body at the end of the day! Hip Hop Combo Mini-Track (Int–Adv) Hip Hop Part 4 Anthony & Eric Specialty (Int/Adv) St. Louis Shag: Creative Combos Jon & Jenna
6:30–​7:30pm Camp BBQMisselwood Tent
6:30–​8:30pm Lawn Games by the SeaMisselwood
8:30–​9:30pm Housing Check-Out (Extended Weekend) Monday evening activities are included with the Extended Weekend Callahan
9:00pm–​12:00am Evening Dance Callahan
9:30pm–​12:30am Endicott Pub Gully's
10:00pm–​12:00am Beantown Karaoke with Jon Tigert Gully's
12:00am S'mores Outside Lodge
12:00am–​Late Soul Party with Peter Strom Lodge