21st Year • Endicott College • Beverly • Massachusetts • USA

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Provisional Schedule Information (subject to change)

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Friday, June 24, 2016

8:45–​9:45am Breakfast Dining Hall
Optional Classes
9:40–​10:40am Lindy Hop (Beg) Beginner Crash Course, Part 3 Zack & Lunou Lindy Hop (Int) Music Structure: How To Hear It & How To Dance To It Andy & Nina Jazz has a group of very common song structures. Once you key into these structures, it will make your improvisation be more understandable and clear. It will also allow you to appear like you are a wizard who can tell the future. (This class is suitable for intermediate but also for more advanced dancers.) Specialty (Int/Adv) Tap Lindy Remy & Jenny Adding tap rhythm syncopations taking your Lindy Hop to another level. (No tap shoes required.) Lindy Hop (Adv) Connection Inspection Bobby & Kate Exploring different ways Adv Lindy Hoppers connect.
10:55am–​11:55am Lindy Hop (Beg) Beginner Crash Course, Part 4 Zack & Lunou Lindy Hop (Int) Building on the Moves Peter & Naomi Momentum & Flow (Int/Adv) Keeping the Flow Skye & Sylvia Keeping the flow through patterns, not just bits and pieces. Lindy Hop (Adv) Swinging Out Every Way Andy & Nina There are so many ways to swing out. With each different feel you learn to become more flexible and more interesting.
12:00–​1:00pm Lunch Dining Hall
12:30–​5:45pm Check-In (Weekend, Extended Weekend & Week) Callahan
Competition Registration Callahan
Optional Classes
1:35–​2:35pm Lindy Hop (Beg) Beginner Crash Course, Part 5 Dan & Jenny Competition/Show (Int–Adv) Standing Out from the Crowd Daryl & Jennifer Our personal philosophies on competing and what makes us want to watch you dance. Solo Jazz (Int/Adv–Adv) Building Flow Jon One common thread between all of the great dancers, is they always have great flow; their movements blend together seamlessly to create one dance. In this class we will work on some exercises and games to help build your own flow, create new moves, and become a better dancer all around. Specialty (All Levels) Musicality Richard From your ears to your feet. Balboa Plus (Int/Adv–Adv) A Few Entrances—Many Exits Javier & Sylvia Movement (All Levels) Fundamentals of Movement Eric Learn basic movement technique for any form of dance. Gain a better relationship to your body and the way it moves by working on isolations, core movement and basic footwork.
2:50–​3:50pm Lindy Hop (Beg) Beginner Crash Course, Part 6 Dan & Jenny Connection & Partnering (Beg–Int) All About the Feels Michael & Evita Michael and Evita will introduce basic partnering techniques that they use for establishing and maintaining good connection throughout an entire dance. Swingout Variations (Int/Adv–Adv) Bringout Your Swingout! Anthony & Lunou Explore concepts to open the door to a world of new rhythmic variations. Solo Jazz (Beg–Int) Solo Jazz Remy Footwork/Rhythm Variations (Int/Adv–Adv) Rhythmic Variations Skye & Naomi Specialty (Int/Adv–Adv) New School Old School Bobby & Kate Playing with Lindy in new ways based on classic looks.
4:00–​6:00pm Blue/Green/Yellow/Pink Tracks Track Auditions Auditorium Open Practice Tara Chapel 5:30–​6:00pm Stretching Lori Aerobics Room A great way to look after your body at the end of the day!
6:00–​7:00pm Dinner Dining Hall
6:50–​7:05pm Final Friday Competition Registration Dining Hall
7:15–​10:00pm Late Check-In (Weekend, Extended Weekend & Week) Callahan
7:30pm–​12:30am Evening Dance Callahan
8:00pm Jack & Jill Competition Preliminaries
9:30–​11:30pm Track Assignments Callahan
9:30pm–​12:30am Taryn Newborne and The Real Deal
~10:15pm Camp Welcome Lindy Hop & Balboa Teacher Introductions
~11:45pm Solo Jazz Competition
12:30am–​Late Late Night Dance Callahan
1:00am Soul Competition