21st Year • Endicott College • Beverly • Massachusetts • USA

Strictly Lindy

The focus in this category is social dancing with an emphasis on partnering, teamwork and musicality. Judges are generally looking to how couples react to each other and to the music rather than choreography. Couples may be required to dance in heats, both individually and at the same time as other couples, to a variety of tempos. It is appropriate for couples to wear coordinating attire if desired. A minimum of 3 couples is required in order to hold this division.

This October, American Lindy Hop Championships will be celebrating 20 years and holding this year’s event in Harlem. In addition, they are bringing back the American Showcase Division. The contest will have 2 parts. The first is a strictly Lindy and the second is choreography. There are regional events around the U.S. which will award the top 3 winners of a designated division complimentary entry to the ALHC division in NY. Several Harvest Moon Ball finalists will be included with the judges. Find more information.

The Strictly division at Beantown will be one of the regional events.

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